Being a well-established R&D facility with testing services ranging from Engine Dynamometers to our state of art AVL three motor test cell, DSI have all the testing capabilities for your projects.

DSI also specialise in the design and development of custom test rigs to suit any test or validation requirement. This includes the conceptual and detailed design, assembly and commissioning of the rig along with the design and development of custom control and data acquisition software.

Our experience in the validation of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic/software systems ensures we can meet your testing and validation requirements.  

Further to our component and system validation DSI’s experience with multiple international customers allows us to offer support for all aspects of a vehicle test and validation program. From the initial vehicle importation documentation and logistics, approvals and registration, to providing storage and preparation facilities.

Test location selection, arranging travel, transport, and accommodation are services that DSI can provide, along with vehicle technicians and engineering support during your testing and validation.  

Following the successful completion of your program, DSI can arrange for storage, export or even disposal of the test vehicles.